Tuesday, June 26, 2012

We went camping again!

For Father's Day weekend we went camping again.  We stayed at Honeyman State Park near Florence. It is more like camping in the mountains even though it is at the coast.  You can't get to the beach from the campground but we did bike down to the day use area and walk around Cleawox Lake.

Honeyman is a HUGE campground with hundreds of sites.  It wasn't full though.  We had fun hiking around and watching people canoe and play in the lake.

Saturday night we had a nice fire and cooked hot dogs.  Sunday we went to church in Florence again.  Some people remembered us from last time.  The Fathers each got a big cookie that the young women had made. (Our ward young women were also in charge of the Father's Day present.  We bought cans of soda and individual packets of nuts and the girls tied them together with a tag that read "I''m nuts about you pop!"  apparently they were a hit).  We came back home after church and got to talk to our kids and grandsons on skype for Father's day.  It was a great weekend.


Melinda said...

Beautiful! Sounds like you guys are enjoying some nice camping trips.

Andrea CF said...

I love how lush and green it looks. Way better than the hot dry summer we have going on here! Glad to hear you are both enjoying yourselves.

Jessica said...

SO.JEALOUS of well your camping trips. Kyle misses it too--he tells me all the time things like "We should get a motorhome like Papa so we can go camping" or "I wish we could go camping in Papa's motorhome." Maybe this means we'll have to start building up our camping supplies so we can take this boy on a camping trip! (I'm sure it still wouldn't be good enough for him, though, because you guys wouldn't be here to go with us)